Come on, Natsume, give us a release date

#1Uglyface2Posted 6/13/2013 5:07:19 PM
I waited through all three days of E3, and Natsume failed to deliver that all-important release date that'll get pushed back three or four times. I really want to get my preorder in, simply because I'm afraid I'll forget to pick this up when it does eventually come out.
#2Uglyface2(Topic Creator)Posted 6/18/2013 8:08:50 PM
I poked around. Game Informer's preview indicates that Natsume is aiming for September. Natsume, however, has a habit of having a very... loose... release date for their games, so who knows what'll happen.
#3Uglyface2(Topic Creator)Posted 6/26/2013 6:14:36 PM
GameStop lists the publisher as Solutions 2 Go (more likely the distributor). Current release date is October 14. I'll be preordering shortly.