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2 years ago#1
I need help fulfilling Minnie's request for Rosy Bubbles. It says I need to have a Well-Made Rod for me to obtain it from a fish but where exactly can I find the recipe for it? I am currently at 40 stickers. Any nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!
2 years ago#2
Sorry that I probably won't be much help, but I think you need to wait for Donald to ask you to complete a fishing challenge to get the recipe for the next fishing pole. I'm not sure if the requests come up at set points or if it's just completely random. I tried checking different resources, but I couldn't find anything.

You'll probably have to wait to fill Minnie's request, unfortunately! Hope you can get the next fishing pole soon! I'm still waiting on mine, too, and I have 41 stickers.
2 years ago#3
No no, thank you for your input! Glad to know I'm not alone haha, hope you get your next fishing pole soon as well! I guess I'll just have to let this request go for now.
2 years ago#4
I got the Donald challenge as part of my daily rounds of quests. He asked me for a rare gem (I believe it was the Ruby Bubble). The stick I believe was greenwood (don't count on that) from one of the 30ish sticker Alice Levels. I also think it required my favorite STURDY THREAD from McDucks.
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2 years ago#5

The first rod only cost me 1 gem bubble.

The 2nd rod, he's asking for 3 gem bubbles.

Don't know if it's a random amount yet.
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2 years ago#6
I think it's a fixed amount. I got Donald to request em from me on my second in-game day. Hope you guys get your upgraded fishing rods soon! :)
2 years ago#7
Maybe. The next rod for me popped up today for another 3 Gems that you can only get from the 2nd rod.
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2 years ago#8
Funny, I came here to ask where to find the ruby bubbles for the upgraded rod too. I know that the recipe details are sometimes wrong about where to find an item and the item lists posted on the quest boards don't seem to list the fishing items. So....

Where DO you find the ruby bubbles?
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2 years ago#9
You can get any items from fishing in the area listed for the item as long as you have the fishing rod listed or better. For example, if you have the Proper Rod, you will get items available with the Proper Rod and any below (with the first rod, for example). So, don't worry, if you're looking for earlier items with a later rod.

You should be able to find the Ruby Bubbles in the Aladdin world. That's where I got mine (and that's where it says you can get them), and I only have the first fishing pole. Donald still hasn't showed up for me yet. :(

The quest boards don't show what items you get from fishing, but you can see what quests have fishing holes on the top screen once you unlock a quest. You can get any items available from fishing in a certain world from any fishing hole in that world, as long as you have the right rod or better.

It took me a while to figure this all out! It's kind of complicated, isn't it?! I played through the JPN version quite a bit, though. Looking back, I made a lot of mistakes and really didn't have a clue sometimes. It's nice there are so many great posters here all helping other people. (Sorry for the long reply...)
2 years ago#10
I *finally* got the ruby bubbles right after I posted. I was just getting suspicious after catching so many emerald bubbles in Alice world and knowing that there's at least one error in where to find an item.
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