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about Super Turbo Championship Edition (Archived)VileLava15/14/2014
Can you unlock hard mode on Vita? (Archived)MercGH24/30/2014
"Who Put These Here?" Trophy: 100% Stat Misleading (Archived)Zilchman33/7/2014
MIssables (Archived)Andy___22/26/2014
Having a hard time with x tabay (Archived)itachi0031/15/2014
stuck in quite the beginning. I was going to the temple (Archived)hoopotus21/15/2014
Is there anything harder than getting the orbs? (Archived)MylittlePwny89112/4/2013
100% completion, all chests obtained.. yet NO platinum?? (Archived)hudz_farhad212/4/2013
How is this game linked to Castle Crashers? (Archived)Celebratox411/19/2013
I'm mad that no one has uploaded the soundtrack on YouTube. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz110/20/2013
Is the game anything like this? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz310/15/2013
Do you have to buy the DLC to get the platinum trophy? (Archived)cronoknight210/15/2013
Sidequest trophy glitch? (Archived)liquiterge210/2/2013
Should I buy this game? (Archived)MGRRevengeance29/10/2013
Stuck at 90% in great temple (Archived)Leve1Up39/8/2013
New DLC coming today: El Diablo's Domain adding a new area to explore! (Archived)
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Cueva de la Locura (Archived)bengalryan948/29/2013
Can I play Co-Op Locally with my Sister If She's Playing On The Ps3 (Archived)TheNurseInBlack28/28/2013
How metroidvania is this? (Archived)Fazeo1378/26/2013
I bought El Diablo DLC but I have no idea how to actually access it (Archived)TheSlammer48/25/2013
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