Post you build if your bored and still waiting for game.

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3 years ago#1
Just wondering how and what types of builds other people are going for. Use the following site, then save and post link here with build you plan on using if your bored.

My build - Enforcer/Technician Build.
Primary Weapon- OVE9000 Saw
Secondary- Kobus 90 SMG
Armor- Improved Combined Tactical Vest
Equipment-Ammo Bagx2
Xbox GT: NATO Virus
My Payday2 Build:
3 years ago#2
I got the game but im waiting to play till my girlfriend get back that is the build I want not sure about armor or weapons yet
3 years ago#3
I plan on doing mostly Enforcer/Technician. I don't know what weapons i'll use yet, it'll probably change depending on the mission i'm doing
3 years ago#4
Here's my mastermind/technician hybrid class.
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3 years ago#5
I was gonna get the game today the Gamestop guy i talked to on the phone said they'd "for sure" have it today but I called to double check and they didn't get the shipment but tomorrow is the latest so unless I'm EXTREMELY unlucky I'll have it tomorrow.

I'm gonna go for a Mastermind/Ghost build I've always wanted that build and my friend is going to be Enforcer/Technician and I'm going to be leader/host so if works pretty well I don't know a lot about the weapons but I'm going not to big ballistic vest (if any) and suppressed shotgun maybe like in the trailer or only light weapons. :)
3 years ago#6
Here's My build:

Going to use UAR and the Locomotive 12G (it may change). As for armor I'll be using the Flak Jacket since mostly during heists a lot of cops can pour in and start shooting.
GT: Antares8782
3 years ago#7
I'll be using a Ghost/Mastermind/Enforcer build.
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3 years ago#8
Link in my sig.
My Payday 2 Skill Tree (Mastermind/Ghost):
3 years ago#9

Not sure what guns or anything else. That's just the build that I think I'd like off the top of my head.
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3 years ago#10
That's a cool site. I know I can respec but I still like to do a little planning, though after playing a bit I may change up what I feel I need to have for skills. Heres my build.

It's mostly Enforcer/Ghost. I really like the idea of having a saw to use. I didn't realize it could also be used as a weapon!
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