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are people ignoring vert/green heart just because she xbox?marioparty1745/23 7:58PM
How many Hyperdimension Neptunia games have you played? (Poll)
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100 items trophyMechaTails721825/23 9:36AM
Gun could be the worst thing in the OG HDN, but I wished...marioparty1775/23 7:50AM
Subsequent run suggestion *will contain spoiler*
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do i need the dlc to 100% this game?Naraku-Kage55/22 11:26AM
Does the basic battle music remind anybody else of older sega games?Metal Gear Raxis25/21 9:54PM
Noob question regarding types of combo attacksVesperial9265/21 11:28AM
The questions. (ornaments, discs, waifus, party setup)
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So what's the difference between the hyperdimention neptunia on ps3 and rebirth?
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Level 5 disk helpdemonking88825/14 4:34PM
Is there a Clione list somewhere?Vetokend55/14 7:19AM
Beating Fake Purple Heart
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Japanese language or stuck to english only?Pizarro_II25/12 9:31AM
I just noticed there's no Planeptune C processorMetal Gear Raxis35/10 10:40AM
Best chest in the game; whose bust do you lust? (Poll)
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Some things about combat and shares what you maybe don't know
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Can someone please explain Discs to me?JGtrance8835/7 11:10AM
Are magic EXE specials better than physical?tenpowers35/5 11:09AM
My only complaint about grinding everything in this game...Metal Gear Raxis55/4 8:09PM