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How many Hyperdimension Neptunia games have you played? (Poll)
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Are magic EXE specials better than physical?tenpowers35/5 11:09AM
Best chest in the game; whose bust do you lust? (Poll)
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My only complaint about grinding everything in this game...Metal Gear Raxis55/4 8:09PM
So what's the difference between the hyperdimention neptunia on ps3 and rebirth?MT_TRAEH85/4 4:06PM
Can't seem to do the inifinite EXE thing correctly?Metal Gear Raxis75/2 8:49PM
Trying really hard to enjoy this game= Unforgiving save deathsJGtrance8875/2 4:33PM
Beating Fake Purple HeartArst_Magis94/30 5:13PM
Some things about combat and shares what you maybe don't know
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Any advice I could get?xsniper90x84/26 10:51AM
Name of the track that plays during EXE attacks?
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Missable MBs? And a list of where each is gotten?OmegaWeaponDestroyer54/25 8:55PM
Who wants Neptune/Noire/Blanc/Vert in Super Smash Bros.?! :D
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Lowee LevelsArst_Magis24/24 2:01AM
Do individual Drop Rate+ or Credits+ disc abilities stack?Metal Gear Raxis44/23 1:36PM
Are the non cpus any good?
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Which CPU do you think would be the most fun to spend a day with?
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Steel Spider FightFenrizWolf244/22 11:27AM
Does having all the CPU Candidates add to the True Ending at allREAPERx_x11594/21 11:55AM
It's dangerous to go alone, take Nep!
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