Expansion in September - no updates planned for Sealed

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Wizards_Sean posted...
The Magic 2014-Duels of the Planeswalkers Expansion is coming in September! You can look forward to getting multiple new decks to use in single player & multiplayer games, more campaign levels, and more challenges to test your skills!

Thereís been some speculation online that future expansions might add to the potential card pools you get in the Sealed campaign (which would be a little unfair to people that already used some of their Sealed slots). I want to clarify that this isnít the case. Thereís no additional content planned for Sealed, and no reason to wait until the Expansion before enjoying the new game mode.


I'm pretty disappointed that there will be no updates to Sealed. Hopefully they'll at least do something like give everyone who buys the Expansion a free Sealed slot.

What kind of decks are you hoping to see in the Expansion? I'd like to see:

- A G/B deck, as Sepulchral Strength was one of my favorite decks in 2013.
- Decks with different ways to win besides the usual aggro (Control is the first thing that comes to mind, but I'm open to other things like mill, even though tons of people raged at Dream Puppets in 2013.)
- A solid U/R deck. They've made good attempts in 2012 and 2013, but I want them to really get it right this time.
- An artifact deck. Machinations was a fun deck in 2012 that was actually felt right and did well a majority of the time, at least for me.
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Jetblackmoon posted...
What kind of decks are you hoping to see in the Expansion?

I'd love to see artifacts, more control-ish or combo-ish decks (aka less aggro), interesting or alternate win decks (like self-mill, Battle of Wits, Maze's End, Biovisionary, Azor's Elocutors, etc.), maybe more over-powered old cards, but only because of the awesome factor.
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I'd settle for any deck that cleans AG's clock. So sick of playing against it all the time.
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In 1v1, I mostly see Deadwalkers, followed by Mind Maze. In 2HG, I mostly see a Deadwalkers/Chant combo. I don't run into Avacyn's Glory nearly as much as I expected.
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What type of decks am I hoping for? Ones with Theros cards in :P
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nuke2099 posted...
What type of decks am I hoping for? Ones with Theros cards in :P

That might actually be possible. Back in 2012 we did have a few cards from Innistrad in the expansion. Since the expansion decks have been hidden from the data miners, I think it's more likely that they can and will put new cards in it.

For decks I want in the expansion:

1. R/W Samurai - Samurai are pretty much already confirmed.
2. U/B Ninjas
3. U/W Control with some cards like Plumeveil and Deft Duelist
4. U/R deck that is actually decently good
5. B/W the next iteration of Dark Heavens or Grim Procession (I liked both decks)

Somehow I don't think we're getting all that blue, but a guy can dream.
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#7IceDragon77Posted 7/25/2013 8:24:25 AM
I want:

Izzet (great counter to all of the bull**** aggro that this game is filled with)
Some form of artifact deck
And a Snow deck for the epic lulz.
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A pure burn deck like born of flame from 2013.

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No updates for sealed is probably the only fair way to handle it. Since, a pool is final once you open your packs how messed up would it be for them to put better cards in screwing over the players that spent money on slots while rewarding those that did not?
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Jetblackmoon posted...

What kind of decks are you hoping to see in the Expansion? I'd like to see:

1. Anti-Aggro Deck. Don't care what's in it, as long as it can combat well against the current "Big Three" aggro decks then I'm fine with it.

2. An Esper-Artifact deck would be cool.

3. A deck that has Frost Titan in it as he is the only titan that hasn't been in DotP... yet.

4. An actual good/playable U/R deck.

5. A U/W spirit deck

In order of what I'd like to see most to least
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