So with all the decks out now...

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3 years ago#1
What's your thoughts on a tier list? I didn't make the order matter within the tier itself.

Stupid tier:
Avacyn's Glory

S tier:
Mind Maze

A Tier:
Dodge and burn (This could be S; but I honestly just don't see it, no matter how annoying this deck is).

B Tier:
Enchanter's Arsenal (This might actually be A tier; it hard counters some decks extremely well).
Unfinished business (It has some crazy combos, but there unreliable/easily disrupted sometimes).
Warsmith (Granted, I haven't played much with this deck, but it's actually not bad, having stuff like a 5/5 on turn 4 is pretty scary).
Chant (Could be C tier, but some of the lower decks have like no answer for an eldrazi).

C tier:
Bounce and Boon.
Guardians of light.
Hunting Season (Admittedly haven't played much with this, so it could move up/down).
Hall of champs (probably D tier, but I'm feeling generous).

D tier:
Garruck's deck.
Up to Mischief (Another deck I'll admit I haven't played much with, but I honestly don't see how you're gonna do well when almost everything on your team has 1 health; no matter how much flash/tempo advantage you have).

Yeah, I don't know what they were thinking either tier:
Enter the Dracomaster.

This is all for 1v1 BTW. Some decks (like BnB) can be downright scary in 2HG.
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3 years ago#2
Just saying mind maze at least stands no chance against demons and enchantra's arsenal the only card that can even save it is a jase and a illusion copy of Jase on that same turn. sense theirs more then enough enchantments to through away to kill though illusions if your running the deck the way I do that is.
3 years ago#3
I just notice the glory has its own tier XD that double strike next turn armored accend* it was a good game though XD

But other then that your list seems more of what I would've went with as well. Besides for enchantra which that deck main enemy is chant just because of its mass removal
3 years ago#4
While I played an embarrassing amount of the launch months, and a fair bit of the xpack, I've yet to really do much with the 6 deck pack ones. Partly due to really no one playing on Ps3 anymore.

Looking at the list though, FW/GoL/MoD are all probably too low. FW was mid tier at launch, and probably dropped a bit due to it being a terrible deck against bad decks, and a mediocre one against good decks, and most of the new decks look pretty bad. Still, I doubt it's one step above EtD. (Or hunting season; seriously, that deck is easily the worst).

GoL still has it's ability to just rip decks apart that can't don't have 'target x dies' cards, and MoD again was probably the most well balanced deck; not good, not great, very fairly constructed. All of these were better than Slivers, and likely still are.
3 years ago#5
This is my ranking based off of 1v1 on iPad. I played often on PS3 as well, but the community there is dead. The problem with the iOS community is you get an abundance of newbies running 90 card decks. Anyway.




HS (both monogreen) SH SotS WS EtD

2014 sucked, you are almost always going to play against 1 of 4 decks, and almost a third of the decks are unplayable garbage. There is some fun to be had, but what a step back from 2013.
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3 years ago#6
I'd probably say something like (I almost exclusively play 2HG):

S Tier:

- Avacyn's Glory
- Deadwalkers
- Mind Maze
- Dodge and Burn
- Chant of the Mul Daya

A Tier:

- Lords of Darkness
- Sylvan Might

B Tier:

- Bounce and Boon
- Enchanter's Arsenal
- Guardians of Light
- Unfinished Business
- Up to Mischief

C Tier:

- Firewave
- Masks of the Dimir
- Sword of the Samurai
- Warsmith

D Tier:

- Hall of Champions
- Hunter's Strength

E Tier:

- Enter the Dracomancer
- Hunting Season
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3 years ago#7
Jet, did you accidentally leave out Slivers, or is it so bad that it doesn't even make the list?
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3 years ago#8
I used to **** on Enter the Dracomancer as well, but I've changed my tune. The deck honestly isn't that bad. It's pretty decent for a stall and bomb combo, especially with flyers. And it has great ramp and some really solid removal. After everything is said and done with M14, it's easily become one of my favorite decks to play just from sheer fun factor. Is it the best? Not a chance. But it's far from the worst too.

And Lords of Darkness running Heartless Summoning is probably the scariest thing in the game. I'd rather go up against AG, MM or DW than that. And a Fairy deck that's built right can be very frustrating to play against as well. I've locked down AG and other "top tier" decks with ease playing fairies. Smashing them in the face with aggro weenie fliers while they were never allowed to get anything going. And that consistently happens.

Still, I can't ever agree with "tier list". They're quite possibly the stupidest thing on the internet, haha. Every deck has it's ups and downs.
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3 years ago#9
Revision time! After toying around with them some more and looking at people's posts, I ironed out my tier list

Still Stupid:
Avacyn's Glory

S tier:
Mind Maze
Dodge and Burn: I resisted it, but I just gotta admit that DnB deserves to be here.

A Tier:

B+ Tier:
Enchanter's Arsenal: I still feel like this is one of the better decks in the game. It counters DnB and LoD extremely well (with some lower threats like FW & MoD too), while also giving DW and some MM build headaches from time to time. However, it loses to straight aggro.
Chant of Mul Daya: It's GG if you can get the eldrazi and the opponent doesn't respond immediately. Not hard to do with all your ramp and survival tactics too.

B- Tier:
Unfinished business: Again; very unreliable, readable and disruptable, but if it drops it's bomb, you might be screwed.
Warsmith: Has some cool tactics and because artifact removal is nearly non-existent, the opponent usually doesn't have a way to get rid of most of them and stop your metalcraft. There's also the way to be cute and just run red for a Goblin Charbelcher win.
Guardians of light: Slightly better than the C-tier. It can stomp most of the lower tiers pretty easy on most days, but is dead-stopped by removal (which almost all of the upper decks have).

C tier:
Bounce and Boon.
Slivers: I think people underestimate this deck. Thornstrike sliver and the doublestrike guy can win you the game as long as you have a decent army (which you should if playing this deck) and Armageddon is straight broken if played right.
Hall of champs: Overall solid, but mana seems to be an issue whenever I play this deck.
Up to Mischief: Better than I thought before and it gets bonus points for really pissing off the other guy if played right.

D tier:
Garruck's deck: Booooring, can't handle higher threats because it can't evolve beyond GRRR SMASH FACE.
Firewave: I'm so burned (pun intended) that Chandra's deck is so bad compared to 2012/13. It can win, but just feels so lacking compared to her other versions
Samurai's: Your whole plan is to basically pray for Jitte (Fun fact! Pick Warsmith and sculpting steel their Jitte for an insta-ragequit).
Dimir: Control is cool...if everybody didn't just play aggro and rush your face.
Hunting Season: This might just be as bad as EtD; no ramp and everything (including your game winning Dubya Season) costs so much that you'll be dead before you can afford it.

Still Dragons:
Enter the Dracomaster: The good news is that your pretty fun to play and still better than Dragon's roar.

Overall C & D tier are pretty close together and FW miiight be C tier. The decks are horrible (balance-wise, fun-wise, and unique-wise) compared to 2013. I can only think that this is on purpose to support the crappy sealed mode.

Pyth_the_Bull posted...
Still, I can't ever agree with "tier list". They're quite possibly the stupidest thing on the internet, haha. Every deck has it's ups and downs.

Yeah, tier lists are not end-all be-alls of games. Matchups are just as important with all the decks gameplans and I'm pretty sure everybody here has managed to stomp something like AG or DW with MoD, FW, or even EtD from time to time.
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3 years ago#10
Hmm, maybe I didn't play Samarui enough, but the deck never seemed just horrible. It pretty much just had 4 good equipment, 2 tutors to get them, then a huge amount of terrible 2 cc dorks it equipped them on, to pretty much make any non-land draw a top deck. It had a mediorce kill package, but provided it wasn't also being hammered by kill at the same time a bomb was coming (like demons), it could easily handle bombs like Chant's non Avenger one's in the Red Zone.

Again, not good, but it was worlds better than trash like both HS. Slivers as well, but I feel i've posted too many essays over the last 6 months on the issues with that deck.

War Smith on the other hand, after trying it out last night, just seemed bad. Not HS bad, but one step above. It's was a slow deck with no card advantage, which while it has other bad points to get into, those alone pretty much seal it.

As for Dimir, it's not a control deck, so it's going to seem terrible if that's how you play. It's really just a pressure deck that gains incrimental card-advantage through most everything it plays. If the deck is sitting back trying to react to the opponent, or play catch up on the board, it's in a horrible spot, which is why it's just a mediocre deck.

And FW, well, FW always wins ugly and never feels like a good deck. It was mid tier before because it mitigated be just abysmal against some of the lower tier decks, to being 'okay' against most of the higher tier decks, and you get more points on the Tier list for being able to beat the good decks. (As you generally see faaaar more of anything at the top of a tier list than the bottom.)

I do decent enough with it against Demons and DnB as well, mostly because those decks hurt themselves and have none/limited life gain. Not great mind you, but it doesn't just roll to them like most low tier decks do.
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