Obligatory Codes Thread

#1WendoloKazakiPosted 7/18/2013 6:27:03 PM
I enjoy doing codes, now if only I could get around to doing this one Dragon Warrior 7 hack I want to do.....

DOSH: 0x20477A00 0x000F423F
EC: 0x20477A04 0x0001869F
#2ness151Posted 7/19/2013 9:21:28 AM
_S NPJH-50521
_C0 Infinite Money
_L 0x20477A00 0x05F5E0FF
_C0 Infinite Money v1.01
_L 0x2047DA80 0x05F5E0FF
_C0 Max EC
_L 0x20477A04 0x0098967F
_C0 Max EC v1.01
_L 0x2047DA84 0x0098967F
_L 0x20477A08 0x0098967F
_C0 TOTAL Max EC v1.01
_L 0x2047DA88 0x0098967F
_C0 Get Max EXP v1.01
_C >>>Press L+R at Battle Result Screen<<< This code can crash your game if used incorrectly, be wary.
_L 0xD0000003 0x10000300
_L 0x10C57EC4 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x10C58460 0x0000FFFF
Credit goes to http://www21.atwiki.jp/cwcwiki/pages/807.html CWCheat Code Summary
#3ness151Posted 7/19/2013 9:28:05 AM
I have an "all item" code, but I can't seem to get it to work.
#4DSLevantinePosted 7/20/2013 7:49:25 PM
thanks for the codes
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#5epyon102Posted 7/20/2013 9:11:40 PM
we need inf en code none yet from what ive seen only en packs and i have no idea what they do
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#6DSLevantinePosted 7/22/2013 4:44:19 AM
ness151 posted...
I have an "all item" code, but I can't seem to get it to work.

atwiki has all item code, you must enable all 3 parts in order to get it to work
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#7jabiniPosted 7/22/2013 2:54:58 PM
quick exp code anyone ?
#8BoobybombgirlPosted 7/23/2013 3:00:36 PM
Still can't find a working item code. tried going to the link but it didn't work am I doing something wrong?
#9Saint Dragon OsirisPosted 7/24/2013 2:56:09 AM
Have some you guys read the code descriptions properly? Some of the codes are for v1.00 of the game while others are for v1.01. So codes not working may be due to your version of the game not being the correct version.
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#10KitsuneRagPosted 7/24/2013 11:13:46 AM
Why cheat? Why not just play the game as intended?