Any chance for story walkthrough?

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silvymox posted...
Thanks for the short explanation but I still wish for more comprehensive one :-)
I didn't watch all the shows, know them mostly from previous SRWs.
The FAQ like Mark's one would be best (one step from dialogue translation as he describes his work) but also shorter mission by mission explanation like the ones for Neo or GC should do fine. Up till now story made at least 50% og fun for SRW games with all that plots from different shows intersecting and connecting together. I wish I could read and understand japanese :-( I can't so I have to rely on others.

Something like Mark's would take almost a year to do.
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Yes and no :-)
One could make a working copy (as Mark used to make) with new missions added every few days. That way people like me can use it right from the start playing in the same pace.
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I've found japanese walkthrough with some story notes if anyone english speaking is interested here is google-translated link:

Also LetsPlay diary could be very useful for game understanding (it is not far in story now but should progress):
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Translating in detail would take more time that I'd rather spend actually playing the game. If down the line you have specific questions and I happen to be on the board I'll answer those.