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3 years ago#251
Plan for (imagination) dai-3-ji Super Robot Taisen Z: to the Origin
Original character: main character the 3rd world Ji Edel Bernarl young appearance, the holder of gemini sphere.
Other character:
1.Gundam UC series (including Hi-nu Gundam, Nightingale, unicorn, ZZ, F91)
2.GurrenLagan last season
3.Gundam00: Awakening of trailblazer
4.Mazinkaiser, Great Mazinger, UFO robo Grendeizer
5.Shin Getter Robo
6. Voltus V, Combattler V, Daimos
7. Gundam Wing (last)
8. Valvrave the Liberator
9. Kurogane No Linebarrel
10. Sousei No Aquarion EVOL
11. Gundam AGE
12. Evangelion Trilogy (consider this A different version in 3rd world)
13. other series (remember that this last episode of Z is in whole different level from the last 2 Z series with constant space battle, coz we talk about the terrible terror BAAL here)

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