The game save is corrupt

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3 years ago#11
Storm20191 posted...
I hope someone else will give a new game save that is not corrupt.

I may try uploading mine later on, maybe it will work :P
$RW OE getto! de arima$u
3 years ago#12
Not sure how accurate this is but?

When you save the game it checks the DLC

If DLC is the same when you saved then the file will work fine
if the DLC is not the same as when you saved then the file doesn't work (It' should not be corrupt.)

Hence we only have 1 save data file, and can't update DLC while in mission mode.

I suggest you take away some of your DLC (not sure how to do that)
or use a save data file with the same DLC has you. That has been saved not during a mission.
3 years ago#13
^I think this is true

so everyone should mention what dlc he has if he uploaded a save file
$RW OE getto! de arima$u
3 years ago#14
I uploaded my save data today, I don't see it on the site yet though -.-"
$RW OE getto! de arima$u
3 years ago#15
mine also got corrupt twice.
Then, i deleted psp/dlc/srw oe or
Then start the game again.
The game will load for about 20 minutes to read all dlc.
After that, i can play with my old save again :)
It worked at least for me

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