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2 years ago#1
I'm at chapter 5 and I'm having trouble even with the first stages. Chapter 1-3 I had a relatively clean record but at chapter 4, some stages were finished with casualties. Now, I'm having trouble due to the enemies having high evasion such that without seishins and support my accuracy is at 20-30%. And their base accuracy are at 60%.

I don't have enough ECs for upgrades and parts. How did you guys gt past these?
2 years ago#2
If you're 5 levels below an enemy, they get huge bonuses. If you are 10 levels below it's even worse.

That's probably your issue, so probably grind or something.
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2 years ago#3
I see. That's why.

Not going to be easy as i thought it would be. My playstyle in SRW is sortie the characters with the lowest levels. At the start of chapter 5, my lowest leveled characters are at 35 while enemies are at 41, I believe?
2 years ago#4
5 levels or below doesn't matter much, but 7 to above, yeah.

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