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Retail version Really Jerky (Archived)twobells211/14 1:13PM
Just saw this posted on Reddit today. (Archived)RyoHakubi17/10/2014
Glitchy game (Archived)jaichim15/28/2014
So yea, after this and Walking dead season 2 I'm not buying TT games at launch. (Archived)twa55693/1/2014
How good are the comics? (Archived)kazooie4872/28/2014
Woodsman episode 2 (Archived)abbylover132/23/2014
season passed purchased tonight (Archived)smiller4732/14/2014
Can't view player choices (Archived)leghostbuster42/10/2014
Plot question/rwrite? (spoilers) (Archived)JohnGalt22/9/2014
Season Pass holders check your inbox (Archived)rincewind199072/7/2014
Still trying to charge for episode 2 even with Season Pass? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Well I'm done buying season passes right away (Archived)ThirdDegree12/6/2014
Episosde @ At Start? (Archived)MusuoJoe32/6/2014
so next week episode 2 comes out (Archived)BillyKidd72/5/2014
Might be a stupid question but oh well SPOLIERS (Archived)zymmys32/1/2014
The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Red Band Trailer (Archived)Oldskool_Rulez32/1/2014
2 quick thoughts (spoilersish) on music and the main antagonist (Archived)JohnGalt52/1/2014
I'm assuming there is no way to avoid Snow (Spoilers) (Archived)XLegendKillerX91/29/2014
Great Marketing Strategy (Archived)
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So what is the best way to get the novice librarian? (Archived)Homie_20251/20/2014
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