max equip skills help!!!

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  3. max equip skills help!!!
2 years ago#1
I am having trouble maxing out the skills. I am performing the actions but my skills stopped upgrading. Health boost and health springs are stuck on 19. And everything else has stopped also. Every once and a while one will randomly upgrade. What's going on?!?
2 years ago#2
It's a bit random when they pop and it's not guaranteed to increase every time you perform the required action. Your best bet is to simply keep at it.
2 years ago#3
from what i've seen, 19 to 20 is the hardest one to get. it usually takes in the neighborhood of 50-100 officer deaths to get it. it's one of those things you don't try to focus on, but instead simply remember to try to get that kind of kill as you do other things. it helps your sanity far, far better if you do it that way.
You just lost the game.
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  3. max equip skills help!!!

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