Getting rid of extra DLC mounts?

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  3. Getting rid of extra DLC mounts?
2 years ago#1
I accidentally got an extra DLC mammoth going through Yu Province for xp and weapons. Nothing takes the "unique" out of "unique mounts" like having two of the fat things. Plus I'm afraid I'll clog up my stable before I get the war elephant.

Is there any way to get rid of extra DLC mounts? Do your mounts reset if you restart ambition mode?

Any info appreciated.
2 years ago#2
You can't get rid of them just like any other animal, by going into the animal section of the officer menu and hitting the appropriate button (I can't remember if it's X or Y but it tells you on that screen) to discard it?
Cheating has gone hand-in-hand with gaming for centuries. Video games in particular often have cheats built right into the game.
2 years ago#3
That did it! Thank you so much! I can't believe I didn't see that.

You are a truly knowledgeable dude of the three kingdoms.
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  3. Getting rid of extra DLC mounts?

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