This game is VERY different to 6

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While the core of the series remains, 1 vs 1000, the two installments in the series feel very different from each other. From the presentation to the control after going from 6 to 8 I'm often thrown out of the loop in what is going on. Maybe because I took to 6 very easily, I played it very intensely, and since it was my jumping-on point to the series (except a few goes of 3 years ago) it's very disorientating and hectic. Many controls and gameplay features were changed between installments, I'm often disorientated on what I'm meant to be doing, how I'd go about doing it, and how I should know to do it. Maybe that will pass in time..

The presentation is dramatically different too, character redesigns I expected but the overall look to the game is very dark but with rich colours, making a sort-of gritty/sort-of stylised look to everything. It would make me feel more down-to-earth if it wasn't for the traditionally-hammy acting and improbable/anachronistic weaponry a lot of people use. I wonder how a straight-laced Three Kingdoms game would be like...

This game is also really, really big compared to 6. More characters, more storylines, more everything.

Anyone feel the same or know of any ways to adjust more seamlessly into 8?
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True be told this is how the game played before 6.

What I would do is play ambition mode and upgrade your weapon post, this will give you the option to buy 4 star weapons, and even put elements in those weapons.

You can pause the game at any time to take a look at people's move sets, i.e. what their charge would be (x, x, y).

All characters will have their full move set at lvl 20

Just play the game and enjoy
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DW6 was odd, in my opinion, not really bad-but odd, because it was nothing like 1-5, alot of the characters were missing, mostly the female characters and generically, they gave ZhenJI a whip, same weapon as DiaoChan?!(luckily, ZhenJi has since had her flute back.)
Also,the stages were small, there were almost NO enemy units to fight, and the character models changed drastically, and Lu Bu had a new(horrible for him) weapon! Not to mention that draw distance issue, and trees and shrubbery vanishing when you run by or THROUGH them; it was as if a different dev team made DW6 and 6 Empires, it was obvious to vet players, I'm sure, and now that it's back to normal, one has to wonder if maybe a different team did work on 6, I'm sure they were just trying for a drastic change, or maybe my guess is right, either way, I'm glad DW's is back to it's old self, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' -(funny, since DW8 is kind of broke dlc wise, but the core game is fantastic!)

I suppose if DW6 was your first DW's game then it's the opposite for you, I'd recommend playing some of the older titles to get the feel of how Dynasty Warriors really is/has been prior 6 and since, then you'd see what I mean, how different 6 was to the rest.
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BloodyAura posted...
Also,the stages were small, there were almost NO enemy units to fight

I think we played different games, then.
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destrian522 posted...
BloodyAura posted...
Also,the stages were small, there were almost NO enemy units to fight

I think we played different games, then.

With the stages , I was referring to DW6:Empires specifically, where my total ko count would be 15 at the end of the stage, and that was after running around desperately seeking units out, worse yet, when you defeat the unit leader, they'd flee. This was mostly a problem when starting a new game you have no allies and have to do those menial missions. It was too boring to carry on playing because even with an army of allies the stages were too small, allies were almost never helpful or even around on the field, and even if there would, rarely be a lot of enemies, they'd be there just so you can do a 'rescue some random ally' mission, or defeat some random officer, then when you complete that task, the little unit guys all leave. How is that fun?
Not judging, really,I guess for someone out there it is/was, but that was too over used and got boring fast. And that is what I was referring to.

At least Dynasty Warriors has since returned to it's regular formula, 6 was just such a strange departure from the rest of the series, that's all.