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3 years ago#1
Watch out! There are two listings for the "New Weapon Pack Set 2" in the Xbox Live Marketplace with the same price of $4.99.

What's the warning? One of them is actually the "Old Costume Pack 2" DLC that supposed to be worth $2.99! I was unfortunate that I fell for that while browsing the DLC via the Xbox Dashboard.

Is it possible to be at least be reimbursed for this erroneous listing?
3 years ago#2
No, there are no refunds, it always states that on the right side of screen, when you go to purchase it, read description of dlc, you'll find that message in().

As for the $ error, I wouldn't know about that, since I can no longer buy dlc...
and it's not just me. You see there is an invisible wall that won't let you go past 14/15 dlc packs or else you'll get your game data corrupted(so far the only remedy to fix this problem is to delete saved game and dlc just bought(with no refund); this is a friendly warning from one of many who have had this happen to them, and so far Koei hasn't done anything about it and it has been about month now since this became an issue, with no patch in sight.
3 years ago#3
annnnd this would explain why the Weapon Pack set 2 isn't working for me. I kept redownloading it and noticed it wasn't my memory storage. that's so illegal....
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3 years ago#4
Which Old Costume Pack is it? The DW5 outfits?

I would like to know, also buying one of the DLC's. Will it let you get both DLC's being the same name?
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3 years ago#5
You don't need to delete your save if you encounter that error >.>

Just delete some of the DLCs you're not using. I recommend stage packs: how many times are you *REALLY* going to play the same three stages? How often are you actually going to use an animal other than Red Hare or the harrier?
3 years ago#6
I was right. They fixed the names recently. But it is still $4.99 for the DW5 costume pack.

Rather high for some reason compared to the others, I still got it though.. even though I haven't been wanting to play DW8 lately.
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