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3 years ago#1
There's two DLCs out there that give extra skins for all 77 weapons in the game, now i saw some pics online and realised that some of these are the joke weapons, tuna fish, ladders, maraccas, stuff like that.
Is pack 1 extra skins, and pack 2 joke skins(or vice versa), or are these skins mixed?
I'd like some new wep skins, but i dont wanna spend money on the joke ones if possible.

Also, how many stars do the new skins have, or do they work off another system.
3 years ago#2
The weapons are mixed, and there are no real difference between a joke weapon and regular, it's purely just for show, (the joke weapons aren't weaker cause they're a joke, is what I mean-for those characters that have joke and another powerful dlc weapon, you will notice the attack power is slightly higher for the non joke weapon, but not by much). The weapons are all pretty powerful, and I think they all have max stars and attack power is 41 and up for all.

They are all worth getting as they come with at least 3 or all slots filled with maxed attributes like: thorn 10 etc.
3 years ago#3
Cool, thanks for the answer. One more:
The big costume pack, that costs like 20 bucks, does it contain only the alternate modern day costumes, police men, pilots, superheroes and such, or does it contain ALL the costumes in the other packs as well?
The price seems a bit steep if it only has one modern day alt costume per character.
3 years ago#4
No, the $20 costume pack is all the original (modern) costumes, packs 1-4, bundled together.

The exclusive costumes and old costumes must be bought separate/individually.

Also note there are two exclusive costume packs, yet one is referred to as an 'old costume pack' which is kind of odd; the costume packs are a good price, yet strangely the DW5 costumes is $4.99, as all the others are $2.99.
3 years ago#5
they aren't mixed, new weapon pack set 2 contains all non joke weapons for 4.99

new weapon pact set 1 contains all joke weapons.
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3 years ago#6
Just looked at all the DLC and they all look really unappealing. The only thing I would consider buying are the new weapons and some of the old costumes.
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