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So I Beat Kel'Thuzad Heroic on first try..Polskihammer38/22 8:55AM
Bloodmage Thalnos
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Who's playing in the Sunshine Open?
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That feeling when the Innkeeper starts off showing you a card with "GAW..."Earthshaker78/22 8:31AM
Just started, how often should I get 100 coin deck things?iceclimbersFH88/22 8:13AM
This game is a trip.Dark Jedi 317898/22 8:06AM
Naxx Shaman is really OP.Little Zardar108/22 8:04AM
What's more important to a new palyer? Naxxramas levels or packs?TheLast0neAlive48/22 8:02AM
New player. Just discovered Bloodlust.
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What is the worst thing your deathlord pulled for your opponent.
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Would u rather have a Card Pack Expansion or a Raid Wing Themed Expansion again? (Poll)
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Zoostone: Shamans of Huntercraft
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Not the *worst* pack I've ever opened..FlipShot48/22 6:23AM
ITT things you wish you learned soonerLadarius_Green28/22 5:50AM
What is the worst drop in rank you've ever had?
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LOL Heroic Sapphiron (spoilers for the fight)
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So you cant reroll quests between 1-4am now huhRayden12338/21 11:32PM
I really should stop playing Freeze Mage.
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Is there something in the matchmaking to punish concessions?Earthshaker78/21 7:17PM
Could you give me some advice on who to craft?
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