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There needs to be an all class minion (Archived)
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I like this game more for the card collecting than the actual gameplay (Archived)Zeusty43/18 12:31AM
Rate a card- Day 10: Injured Blademaster (Poll)
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Slow people make this game boring. (Archived)
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Millhouse mana storm. (Archived)Sedated63/17 3:23PM
Is it weird if I get scared when enemy Hunter taunts me the moment I beat him? (Archived)Treye01243/17 2:06PM
Cant craft some cards? (Archived)Plzstopflaming23/17 1:56PM
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Best rogue aggro deck? (Archived)
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How far are you from collecting all the cards? (Archived)
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Oh dear me, I just delivered the most 1 sided beatdown ever. (Druid Shenanigans) (Archived)
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Hunters are pathetic (Archived)
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You are winning then your opponent decides to play legendary after legendary (Archived)
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I'm nearing 1600 dust (Archived)Laocedric1653/17 10:44AM
this game reminds me of the WoW days (Archived)PrintScreenKey43/17 10:27AM