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Just made a warrior arena deck and was offered zero weapons. (Archived)
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I wonder if they will end up doing another card wipe when the beta is over (Archived)Ivany2008411/18 10:21PM
match making + ranking = broken! 3 star master and didn't know it (Archived)CourtofOwls411/18 6:19PM
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Release in Q4 of 2013..? (Archived)Razorback71854411/18 2:44PM
In my last 5 priest arenas, I haven't gotten a single Mind Control or Holy Nova. (Archived)mattislegion1011/18 12:26PM
Suggestions to make the game feel more enjoyable (Archived)kkeevv811/18 12:24PM
Blizz has no loyalty... (Archived)
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How P2W is this? (Archived)
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Rank the Hero Abilities (Archived)Twenty0ne711/17 11:39PM
Play a Mage Deck or QQ more, your choice. (Archived)ATG4EVR611/17 7:06PM
This game would be more enjoyable if gold was easier to get. (Archived)
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think a kid in a hospital will get his own card before launch? (Archived)taketheshoeoff211/17 4:07AM
Any other way to get coins besides quests and wins? (Archived)Cpt_Cracker511/17 3:56AM
Looking for suggestions on what to change in my rogue deck (Archived)emo_prinny311/17 3:47AM
How do you get sick cards (Archived)KingOfAsia311/17 3:41AM
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I have awful luck =/ (Archived)Llanthana211/16 5:12AM
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really fun game (Archived)Ivany2008511/16 12:13AM