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Is this a port of the PS3 game "Record of Agarest War"? (Archived)lizardking0336/20 4:17PM
Missed event with Lavinia in Ku Kaatje. (Archived)buttergup16/17 2:55AM
Equipment from one generation to the next? (Archived)OhVeryNice16/4 12:02AM
I miss Ellis for Rex Marriage choice ? (Archived)Overlord_Strike14/9 4:27AM
How do i make someone extremely Strong? (Archived)Larollexie112/10 5:23PM
Fun with cheat engine. (Leo's stat ranks) (Archived)dustin121284112/1 1:44AM
This or Generations Zero? (Archived)Ryhalt38/9/2014
If I beat the game on normal mode... (Archived)Tyannic17/19/2014
Stat boosters, skills, and balance (Archived)MegaHomeyX17/11/2014
Hero birth chart is very, very wrong. (Archived)LunasMeow27/3/2014
game's on steam for 5 bucks for a day. (Archived)Yuki_Rito25/26/2014
Is agarest zero this game with all the downloadable stuff? (Archived)HighIQ24/14/2014
is this game still accessible to buy? (Archived)DarkFlip2222/28/2014
Best Steam review ever (Archived)Kalirion12/28/2014
Console Commands (Archived)NeroTek11/29/2014
What are some of the good random items you've gotten from black smith? (Archived)AjoraFlame812/23/2013
Music occasionally stop playing when starting battle ? (Archived)MoodyHoe212/15/2013
True End and all CGs on the same playthrough? (Archived)GgabrielBR312/11/2013
So i need to get True end and be on Hard mode to fully experience endgame? (Archived)Skyscraper101312/10/2013
New Game+ From lower difficulty (Archived)SkyShinryu212/5/2013
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