There is no cloud save!

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3 years ago#1
I got hit by the starter pack freeze glitch and didn't get any cards after buying it. I read that reinstalling the game would fix this. Since the game said it saved to iCloud I figured my cards and 37,000 coins would be restored after the reinstall. Well it wasn't. I lost everything.

I did get the starter pack, but despite saying that the coins, collections, etc are automatically saved in the cloud, they are not.
3 years ago#2
Got this response from WB about this when I asked about it in relation to reinstalling to work around in-app purchase glitches:

"The Cloud is not functioning properly in the game at this time. That is one of the issues being worked on by the developers.

That is why we explained to you in advance that you would lose your progress"
3 years ago#3
After updating to 1.0.2, there was a cloud icon in the top right corner. When I tapped it, it asked if I wanted to restore my cloud save. It said it was from 4 days ago (when I uninstalled and reinstalled). Since I've passed where I was then, I chose no. It asked if I was sure as it said the cloud save would be replaced by what was on my device. I chose yes.

After I did one fight, the cloud icon disappeared. I'm assuming it only shows up if there's a mismatch, so I'm guess restoring from the cloud works now.
3 years ago#4
I just downloaded the game 2 days ago, so I assume that was after the update.
Stared the game on my iPad, picked up later on my phone, used the cloud icon to restore my progress, and it was perfectly synced.
When I loaded up my iPad again, it was not synced with the 15 or so matches I had played on my phone, and the cloud icon does not even appear. In settings both in the game itself as well as iPad settings for the game there are no cloud options.
Is there a way to get the cloud icon to appear, or is it just glitches right now?
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3 years ago#5
Has anyone figured out how to get cloud saves to work between ipad/iphone. I've got a ton of work into the game on my iPad and want to continue on the go. I see a file in the cloud but I can't seem to pull it down in the game on the iphone.
3 years ago#6
Someone else posted that WB told him that cloud saving isn't working correctly. It definitely isn't syncing between my iPhone and iPad. I also haven't seen the cloud icon since that one time after updating.
3 years ago#7
Glad I'm not the only one. Though after deleting the cloud version and launching the iPad app, I did get the cloud icon on my iphone. Which was then in sync with my iPad but then it wouldn't update to the cloud from the iphone. I hope they fix it soon. I haven't been this hooked on an iOS game in awhile.
3 years ago#8
The cloud icon came back today. When I tapped it, it asked if I wanted to restore the cloud save from 9 days ago. Obviously I said no. When I quit the game and came back, the cloud icon was gone.

So not only is it not showing the cloud icon, it's not even saving.
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