power pump generator glitch?

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3 years ago#1
Where you have to use the remote batarang to power the pump generator and raise the water in the lock, the power button in the control room wont let me engage it. Is this a glitch? It worked the first time and I had to stop playing and from there it no longer works. I can't go back and have restarted the last save point but still nothing. Batman just keeps telling me to power it up and use the remote batarang but the power button will not work. What do I do?
3 years ago#2
Try throwing a glue grenade into the water. I thought I was stuck there as well, but I tried throwing a grenade in the water and it was high enough that I could pull myself over to the hole in the wall.

It was definitely annoying to hear him saying the same lines over and over again.
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3 years ago#3
I just game across this in the PS4 version. I turned on the electricity, shot the batarang at the electrical thing and turned on the generator. Then I has to stop, turned it off and when I came back just now, batman kept saying over and over again "I need to turn on the generator.. I can use my batarang" etc etc...annoying! Any when I tried to activate the switch in the control room I couldn't, the electrical ditch was already damaged.. And I kept trying to shoot the glue grenade in the water.. It was very annoying! Then, I tried the glue grenade again, but this time I like aimed it, I forget how but the little icon appeared instead of just the targets, and it worked... But batman still keeps saying I needed to turn on the generator to raise the water level in the lock.. Again, so annoying I've muted my TV... Once I got passed the steam pipes where I had to throw like 10 glue grenades onto 10 different pipes did he stop!

I've also encountered other glitches.. Before my fight with firefly, I think it was, when the goons surround you on the bridge, I had about 10 of them circle me and started taunting and just never started to attack! And I kept trying to attack them but all I could do was walk around, I stayed in the same ready stance, but I couldn't punch or even jump! But they still kept shouting different taunts! It was so weird! I had to restart! Another glitch, I got stuck during the Mad Hatter endless climb... I climbed up the ladder to a trapdoor and I got stuck at the top, I could halfway see batman sticking out past the wall, he never went thru the door and it looked like he was sitting on top of the ladder but the wall kept getting In the way..then I couldn't move, all I could do was turn around in circles.. Lame.. Again had to restart!
3 years ago#4
Now, literally right after I posted this I ran into in another glitch! I just got into the Blackgate prison where there's about nine hostiles and you have to take them down using either the vents on the sides of the room or gargoyles around the middle tower or sides of the room, I took down 8 hostiles.. And the last one is stuck running in the wall... He's in between two explosive walls, and a vent to climb through the walls, and behind the vents in the floor! I can't get to him!!! Ugh! He's like literally in the corner where the wall and a pillar meet! Ugh! Now I have to do that all over again! I didn't even get shot once!!
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