Skins from beginning?

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3 years ago#1
can we use the skins at the start or do we have to finish it first?
3 years ago#2
might have to finish. there was acode you could enter in AC to enable the costumes, but that wasnt found out till much later after the release
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
I heard you can use skins in MP and challenge maps right off the bat, but can use them in story mode once you beat the story
3 years ago#5
There might also be a code that pops up on the site not too long from now that lets you use any of the skins from the start like for Arkham City.
Karma Keepers
3 years ago#6
Lets hope they dont wait till all the dlc is done this time to release the code like they did for arkham city
3 years ago#7
Can anyone give a sure answer?
3 years ago#8
In story, from the looks of it, no.
3 years ago#9
You have to beat the story once before you can use the skins for it
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3 years ago#10
To use skins in story mode, you must complete it first. You're free to use it in Challenge Mode as soon as you get it.
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