I can't fast travel?

#1ccjjPosted 10/25/2013 11:01:58 PM
I been playing a while and have unlocked and been using fast travel points.
Now, for no reason they are greyed out and unavailable.

I can't fast travel or travel to the bat cave. I tried doing a couple of story missions
to see if it was locked for that reason but nothing has changed?

Is this a bug? I just want to go back the cave and do some challenges.
#2paecdjinnPosted 10/25/2013 11:08:59 PM
One time during my game the Fast Travel option got greyed out until I finished the next main story objective. I just cant recall after which particular mission though.

It started working after that.

Where exactly are you? Because at one point the game forces you to go back to the Batcave anyway.
#3ccjj(Topic Creator)Posted 10/25/2013 11:21:53 PM
I kept doing missions but that didn't help.

I quit the game and restarted and it was back to normal :S
#4WhiteRicePowerPosted 10/26/2013 5:19:17 PM
Can confirm, I was having the same issue, just go somewhere to quicksave, and reload the game.