blackgate sewers help (possible spoilers)

#1GrumioPosted 10/31/2013 12:41:03 PM
I have seen other people have had problems with this part but unfortunately ive reloaded the game almost every way possible and i still cant get bye this part.

I am stuck where you need to raise the water level by using the remote batarang. I previously hit the pump control with a electrically charged batarang and the water level raised. Unfortunately it was bugging and wouldn't let me get a glue raft, another glitch that i heard people having.

I decided to reload the game to see if i could then have a raft form...well thats where i went wrong. Now i am stuck here, the water level looks like it is down but when i fall into the pool the animation shows me falling right into the water.

So ive got no water level, no electricity any more, the switch doesn't work, the pump control is already blown, and i cant get back out of the area because of how its set up.

Is there any way that someone knows to exit this area? I have re-loaded the game, re-started the game, restarted the console, and im just stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated.