this or wait for Cod Ghosts?

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User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#1
How's the Multiplayer SvM? Is it a lot of fun or should I wait for CoD?
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User Info: Sozcumber

3 years ago#2
This game is awesome on Wii U! Except.. I haven't played online yet. Single player is fantastic though. Gamepad use is also really good.
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User Info: coreyerb

3 years ago#3
Super fun when it works. Mercs are first-person and you can set controls to same as COD. More like hide-and-seek than run-and-gun but it's unique. Teamwork is more crucial.

But there are freezing problems online and the connectivity is lacking so it can be hard to get in a match. If they patch the matchmaking there are enough players online at a time but right now it's like everyone has strict NAT (similar to Assassin's Creed 3).

Ghosts will have much larger player counts so it's mainly a choice between more players or unique multiplayer modes.
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User Info: GuyFawkes5

3 years ago#4
F**k CoD.
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