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Can't Play the Game! Won't Load My Save Game! (Archived)boratgravas610/18/2013
Load times (Archived)deontrey251990110/13/2013
Did they fix online yet? I haven't played in a couple weeks cause online was bad (Archived)Evilmonster410/10/2013
Downloadable Theme? (Archived)boxster233610/9/2013
This game is just sitting on my desk. (Archived)AH88310/8/2013
Eurogamer faceoff says (Archived)xjflyy410/8/2013
How do I use the snake cam? (Archived)CustomName210/7/2013
Online Master List (Archived)
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NNID Exchange for easy online hookups. Post NNID here! (Archived)Sozcumber310/3/2013
Bought this but.... (Archived)mlahodik510/3/2013
What the... can't use gamepad headphone jack while playing on TV??? (Archived)tizzywilkillyou110/2/2013
Tom Clancy (Archived)Holloweaver210/2/2013
Whats the difference between tagging and using vision as a spy in multi? (Archived)Infiniterran49/29/2013
this or wait for Cod Ghosts? (Archived)oldhbk7649/29/2013
did they fixed the abandoned city glitch? (Archived)rafa050619/24/2013
enough player online? (Archived)oldhbk7639/23/2013
Wait.. WHAT? That's it? (Endgame Spoilers) (Archived)Model_Omega59/17/2013
Worst way to die? (Torture scenes) (Archived)Evilmonster19/16/2013
This game bombed on the Wii U... 1.6% of total sales. (Archived)Evilmonster89/16/2013
Problems connecting with a friend (Archived)Dragonhart201239/15/2013
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