I hope the soundtrack is better than 13's..

#1Solid_Mike86Posted 7/14/2013 7:15:39 AM
Seriously, NHL 13 has an awful soundtrack.
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#2ProfanaTPosted 7/14/2013 9:20:28 AM
The soundtracks have been hit and miss at best. Was it '10 that had Warriors of Time and Nine in the Afternoon on the same OST? Regardless, you are right that '13 had a pretty shotty track listing. Let's hope '14's list isn't as ****** across the board.
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#3IntrepidTykePosted 7/14/2013 12:42:16 PM
Custom soundtracks.
#4Solid_Mike86(Topic Creator)Posted 7/14/2013 7:28:27 PM
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#5UnIt3d_We_StAnDPosted 7/21/2013 7:21:18 PM
personally i only like 3 songs. Whistleblower, Bully, and Save Yourself
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