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2 years ago#1
Hi guys. In respect to my usually lengthy anecdotal 'return' posts, I'd like to say a few things. First of all, when your dog bites you, do you blame the dog? Perhaps you express anger originally out of frustration, but after you calm down you realize that it was just a dog behaving like a dog. In the end, it was your fault for not being more careful, for not handling it better. For not treating a dog like a dog instead of expecting something more out of the relationship.

Now I'm not trying to say that all the users on this board are dogs, I'm just saying that some of them are. This time I will be more careful, more considerate, and better with banter. I will not leave this board again, because it is the board that cultivated my love for football. I am sorry for leaving so many times, at least I am as sorry was Suarez was for biting Chiellini. I just had to come back because I missed the bants, the discussion, the drama.

So that's about it really. Not as long as it normally would have been, I'm a changed man Jack. The past few months have led me to a path of self-reflection. As I enter graduate school, I've realized I need to become more mature, improve my communication skills, and become better at banter.

Oh whatever, I came back because I MISSED YA GUYS! Even Claude and Nard, despite the former being a Liverpool fan and the other being a Black Juventus fan. Anyway, onto the main topic at hand.

LA LIGA! Oh yes it's back. I know only Bernabeu, hardman, and xbx pretty much follow the league and Selphi will watch highlights and then try to join the discussion as well, but still I feel this topic should be made to discuss the Spanish league. Should be a splendid season, a season of rebirth and molding particularly for Barcelona and Real Madrid with quality players coming in for both.

8/23 Saturday

Malaga v. Athletic Bilbao 1 PM EST

Sevilla v. Valencia 3 PM EST

Granada v. Deportivo

Almeria v. Espanyol

8/24 Sunday

Eibar v. Real Sociedad

Celta Vigo v Getafe

Barcelona v. Elche 3 PM EST

Levante v. Villareal

8/25 Monday

Real Madrid v. Cordoba 2 PM EST

Rayo v. Atletico Madrid 4 PM EST

Sevilla and Valencia are always a classic to watch. Sevilla have lost their captain and arguably best player Ivan Rakitic, while Valencia has lost the leader of their backline Jeremy Mathieu (both to Barcelona). Expect to see new signings play, always fun when these two teams go at it.

Ter Stegen still injured for Barca, unlikely to start the season so we'll see Bravo. Rakitic has been incredibly impressive in the pre-season along with Munir and Rafinha. The question is the backline, we might see Masche and Mathieu.

Real Madrid's situation is interesting, with both Di Maria and Khedira having rejected new contracts. However midfielder Toni Kroos has been doing wonderful pre-season which leaves the question of whether James Rodriguez and Modric can fill the gap left by Di Maria if he were to leave. The New Boys Are In Town
2 years ago#2
Your sister's a dog
2 years ago#3
LiquidFuze180 posted...
a Black Juventus fan. Anyway, onto the main topic at hand.

2 years ago#4
mccalledin posted...
Your sister's a dog

When your post gets modded, you should know that I didn't mark your post.

And I don't have a sister you mutt The New Boys Are In Town
2 years ago#5
So you must be Liquid? Heard a lot of interesting things about you.
3DS Friend Code: 3480-2880-2944
2 years ago#6
Random_Taco568 posted...
So you must be Liquid? Heard a lot of interesting things about you.

Like my love for the USMNT? My extensive loyalty to FC Barcelona and general knowledge of La Liga? My sense of humor/jokes? The New Boys Are In Town
2 years ago#7
Hey liquid, buddy
(message deleted)
2 years ago#9
And you gave Stam(amongst others who abused you) a special thanks for not being a d*** to you, but not me. Watsupwitdat?
2 years ago#10
Who let this loser come back? GTFO Liquid
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