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User Info: surrender2joy

3 years ago#1
Some of the best puzzles in this game are actually in the mini-dungeons! It would be nice to have a list of all of them, just to make sure we don't miss any. By mini-dungeon I mean any dungeon-like structure which has just one chest waiting for you at the end of it, usually containing treasure.

Please help me complete this list of mini-dungeons (let's avoid big spoilers though):

Sand and Tornado - located in the dessert in Hyrule
Boomerang and Hookshot - located in Hyrule, close to the Swamp Palace
Dash - located in Lorule center-south, under some bushes
Wall merge - in Lorule east of the Sanctuary
Wall merge - there is another one involving moving blocks, I forget where

User Info: Snooter1215

3 years ago#2
There is a real easy wall block puzzle right outside eastern temple. I think that is the last one you're missing.
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User Info: CharlieF

3 years ago#3
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User Info: Necris_666

3 years ago#4
Here's what I had written down:

Ravio's Bracelet: West of the 1st temple, in a small building.
Ravio's Bracelet: East of the Graveyard, in a cave near the river.
Hookshot + Boomerang: Enter the Hyrule version of the Hookshot Temple
Chicken Gliding: South of the Forest Grove (Flute Boy's Area) in a cave you reach from Lorule.
Hookshot: East of the Tower of Hera, where Ice Palace would be in Lorule.

Sand Rod + Tornado Rod: East of the swamp, in a cave near the warp.
Pegasus Boots: West of the Abandoned House in Lorule, Under a patch of bushes.
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User Info: tminus31

3 years ago#5
surrender2joy posted...
Sand and Tornado - located in the dessert in Hyrule

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User Info: avengah

3 years ago#6
Yeah, you can actually reach the chicken gliding one far earlier, by wall merging from round the corner.
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