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Missing Wisdom gear..and went to Ng+ (Archived)Final7Sephiroth22/25 12:46AM
Alexander IV: Easy Win (Archived)Manowarrior3522/16 8:58AM
Half-Dragon (Archived)Tunipoe42/13 4:59PM
This game is too slow. (Archived)Cornwallace112/23 11:57PM
Ask Yourself: (Archived)Pixel_Face110/22 4:43AM
Just beat Brohannes and the trophy didn't unlock (PS4 version) (Archived)squarewindow210/18 3:32AM
Ok so I've been trying to unlok as much as possible before moving on to ng+.... (Archived)EmoBanger69410/16 12:15AM
Rogue Legacy on Vita, Down attacking, and Khidr (Archived)Jorumvar59/6 3:31PM
Can you only fight bosses once? (Archived)iDemonkai69/5 9:33PM
So what are the character traits for characters you fight the remix bosses with? (Archived)Unknownperson7728/30 7:39PM
Got my platinum. Ask me anything. (Archived)TheAckinator78/28 10:24AM
If this game took itself more seriously it could have been legendary (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
DarkChocobo47128/13 7:59AM
How many hours have you played rogue legacy?? (Archived)Mtpgamer48/11 6:30AM
What do I do when I progress past the castle? (Archived)Thomastm338/10 10:09AM
how similar is this to castlevania:harmony of despair? (Archived)creativeme38/10 5:22AM
Do we get a blueprint after beating the optional bosses ? (Archived)ZeroQ838/4 7:23AM
What determines life total between generations (Archived)FakeTJ48/1 8:27AM
So... any weapons other than sword? (Archived)iDemonkai28/1 4:15AM
Do I have to beat the game in 1 life? (Archived)zero081737/14 1:27PM
Games like this.... (Archived)SuperSaiyanSwag55/12/2014
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