What do I do next in Peace Walker?

#1HakuMan111386Posted 2/20/2014 6:27:42 PM
I beat the main campaign and got to the "end" (where Snake takes off the bandana and denounces his appreciation for The Boss). What's left to do to finish the main campaign? Is it hard? Thanks.
#2GaullerPosted 2/20/2014 9:51:06 PM(edited)
Build your intel team to level 40
Get all the primary parts for ZEKE, along with the rail gun.
When a prisoner escapes for the seventh(?) time, start Extra Mission 1 as Snake and follow the laughter up the stairs.

There are some other secrets afterward, which involve collecting tapes from the AI bosses and finishing every mission. I didn't feel like finishing the missions, myself.
#3HakuMan111386(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2014 4:37:25 AM
Is it a lot of work doing all of this in Peace Walker? Should I just skip to playing Ground Zeroes?
#4GaullerPosted 2/21/2014 10:03:08 AM(edited)
It doesn't take long to get the secret ending & the tapes, though the final hidden conversation takes a while. You could watch that part on Youtube.

There are two sets of tapes involving two different characters.
#5KOVO333Posted 2/21/2014 8:45:16 PM
You have to beat 3 extra ops to open up a new main mission, wash rinse repeat, 18 extra-ops, plus beat PeaceWalker again WITHOUT shooting the legs (tip, shooting the nuclear launcher causes more damage than shooting the AI pod) ...to get the legs for ZEKE...complete ZEKE then, the final mission will open up...Big Boss's speech after the credits is Boss

that's what it took me
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