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Fastest way to get all the endings (Archived)moethuta26/3 6:33PM
Missing event. Help? (Archived)dbison23/27 1:04PM
help please? (Archived)Yonimaru71/26 9:51AM
Pretty cool characters in this game... (possible minor spoilers) (Archived)Tluhdatsi11/6 10:33PM
What are the main differences between the PS3 and Vita versions? (Archived)S3rialThrill3r711/7 10:08PM
Ep. 8 Demon's Roar A (May Contain Spoilers) (Archived)PHATJER18/12 8:19PM
XBLAZE Lost Memories (Archived)LROlsson18/5 3:47AM
I like Danganronpa, Zero Escape... How's this by comparison? (Archived)TheCyborgNinja28/2 11:19PM
USGamer review - 1/10 (0.5/5) (Archived)Apocalypsah107/28 5:34AM
sup with the title mang (Archived)mayu78027/28 2:21AM
Import friendly? Can I get the patch even though... (Archived)Trailblazer3427/26 10:40PM
XBlaze : Code Embryo patch is now live. (Archived)Tidusace1057/21 6:13PM
Anyone notice the inconsistencies? (Archived)dragonstar4657/21 4:26PM
in order to get things right your suppose to read only with certain faces right? (Archived)tremain0737/19 10:21PM
Bugs/Glitches in the game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Tidusace10267/9 6:52AM
Definitely picking this up, but my inner trophy hunter needs answers (Archived)mk_spirit27/9 6:51AM
What is gag route? (Archived)fubuki21137/7 7:32PM
are there any guides out there? (Archived)metlspaz427/3 3:25PM
I'm stuck? What the...(light spoilers) (Archived)BloodRedSnow77/1 5:18PM
Massive Spoilers - Questions on the Final End (Archived)HeartTranquil27/1 9:57AM
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