Best part about making a custom console

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3 years ago#1
Making a game for it that sells twice as many units as console itself.
3 years ago#2
You don't buy spare copies of all of your games? You're strange.
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3 years ago#3
Hahaha, yes.
3 years ago#4
How do you get that option?
3 years ago#5
username837837 posted...
How do you get that option?

Iirc, you have to research it in the R&D department and then have someine specialize in technology.
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3 years ago#6
Ah. I wonder how much longer until I get that option to research.... And in order to specialize in technology, how many points do they need in that?
Also, do you know how to move out of the first office? Not the garage, but the actual first office.
3 years ago#7
Well in order to get the R&D department, you need to get the second "office" (so the third place counting the garage. Dunno if it's accurate, but in another thread someone said to move to the next office you need at least 100 million... money... and 3 employees. Just working from memory, that sounds about right to me.) And you need someone specialized in "Design". To specialize in Design or Technology, someone needs 700 points in whichever one.

For me it (hardware) was available to research as soon as I got the R&D lab. Oh, and then you need to build a hardware lab... or whatever it's called.

Just so you know, this is really... "endgame"... stuff... I think. It was basically the last thing I did before the "end" of the game, anyway. I finished the console in like late year 28 (probably took about a year to develop, and cost like 200 mil to do so) and then had enough time to make one big game for it. Also I basically sat around for another year because I thought it was going to "end" at the beginning of year 30, and I was ready to see how I did. Then a message box popped up and said "Oh hey, the game "ends" and you get scored at the end of this year. Good luck!"

Edit: Just found where it is in the wiki. According to that, you only need at least 16 million in cash, 3 employees, and it needs to be after Y13 M9 W2
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