Please help, lag problems.

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ive been playing ghosts and a have been experiencing lag problems... sometimes when i shoot players, they die a few moments after my bullets hit them, por example, sometimes when i am reloading they die... and other times, i get killed and i know that i shot them, but on the killcam my player doesnt shoot at all... it is like in mw3 when i have 2 bars of lag against players with no lag at all, but in ps4 ghosts i cant see my signal... why is that?? how can i know who is the host?? how can i know my signal and the one of the other players?

Maybe it is because i am in chile and i play with people from really far?

by the way, as you can tell, english is not my first language.... sorry about that
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You pretty much answered your own question.
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but is there a way to know hoy many signal do i have? like in previous call of duty games?
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There are ways to check or rather, guess, your signal strength You can go to Network under the Settings menu of your PS4 and check your internet connection status. You should also be able to test your internet signal here as well.

In the game, at the bottom of the screen in the Multiplayer main menu, there is a NAT Type. Open is best, Moderate is mediocre, and Strict is bad. Basically, Green, Yellow, Red, in that order.

Also, are you using a wireless connection or are you using an Ethernet Cable directly to your modem? Do you have other people or devices constantly using your internet for things like Streaming or Downloading files while you are playing? That could also greatly affect your connection.

Since you are playing from Chile, if you are being placed in lobbies with America or Europe, that will usually result in slight lag and delays that you are experiencing.
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Thanks very much for answering
Im using wifi, but i think the main problem is that not many people here in chile play ghosts on ps4, the lunch day was last friday, and its more expensive here...
I will check the NAT type, but do yo know if there is a way to check the signal while playing online? like in other call of duty games, where you just have to press "select" and you see all players current points and signal
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Plug it into your router, your speed should go up a bit and be more consistent.
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