MyCareer Glitch

#1dmharryPosted 11/14/2013 6:46:56 AM
Saw someone else had this glitch. I'm pretty sure there's no solution to it thanks to the autosave feature.

Basically I got my rookie to the 3pt contest in the All Star weekend, was playing every game, building up a lot of stats, had acquired some 15,000 vc points and was looking forward to a playoff run. Finished the 3pt contest, returned to the home screen, pressed start to play my next game and it suddenly simulated the entire rest of the season and its now the offseason. Does anyone know a fix or a way of rolling back to an earlier autosave? Absolutely sucks.
#2WigginsToUtahPosted 11/14/2013 12:09:08 PM
Nope, the game is just garbage. Get your money back if you still can.
#3Mr_ShabbsPosted 11/26/2013 12:05:10 PM
If you make multiple saves manually than you would have back ups. If your auto save file was the only one that you were using and than you are SOL, unless your not on live and had it connected in the cloud at another point with that career. If thats the case than delete the save file before connecting to live and load the backup from the cloud.