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How do you beat the giant robot? (Archived)Icarusael19/4 9:56AM
Uber Achievement Trick, will this work? (Archived)JohnGalt14/1 2:28PM
Target has this for 11.98 (Archived)kristofer77713/30 6:55PM
In the middle of chapter 12... (Archived)1fastpony23/15 6:50PM
Does The New Order have zombies in it? (Archived)FenDieselLives11/22 11:54AM
*SPOILERS* Regarding the ending.... (Archived)ThePassingGuard31/17 10:31PM
Sprint jump (Archived)nwafan10011/2 12:25PM
$25 At K-Mart (Archived)Jkool112/24 1:19PM
This, or Shadow of Mordor? (Archived)HxC_MADxMAN212/3 11:23PM
Just ordered this for $15 shipped!!! Great deal!!! (Archived)NewportBox100s111/21 5:51PM
Doom beta access??? (Archived)Reece504111/16 12:06PM
completed game, watched credits..... no achievement! (Archived)cam94z28111/11 5:51PM
So...Nazi-robo-dinosaurs in the next game? *Kind of spoilers, not really* (Archived)specialkid819/20/2014
Is there a chapter selection i am missing? (Archived)colma91929/6/2014
I love this game, so would I like the 2009 game? (Archived)jmgordon9928/23/2014
Can you unlock the "UBER hero" (Complete game on UBER) achievement on 999 mode? (Archived)jmgordon9938/20/2014
Can anyone refer me to a walkthrough/guide for health/armor upgrades please? (Archived)jmgordon9938/20/2014
This makes me feel (Archived)maximo98/16/2014
achievements not unlocking (Archived)shwankyspoon48/15/2014
Enigma 2 achievement not unlocking (Archived)eboisvert17518/14/2014
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