Keys to private room in the casino

#1GrandPoilPosted 7/2/2013 2:06:55 AM
Hi all larry lovers :p
*little spoiler*
I thought the keys were supposed to be in the coveralls you retrieve from floor 7 but I can't find them when I search.... Am i missing something or have I got a bug?
*Little spoiler*
#2TheGuidingLightPosted 7/2/2013 3:25:39 AM
Whether or not you can find a key depends on whether you've already bought an apple

Since you can't find a key, go outside and give the coveralls to the barrel man when he turns up

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#3GrandPoil(Topic Creator)Posted 7/2/2013 3:31:13 AM
D'oh! thanks ;)
#4Keith_IPosted 7/2/2013 12:24:42 PM
Hey TheGuidingLight;
I was experimenting and didn't buy an apple. Thanks for that tip!
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#5TheGuidingLightPosted 7/2/2013 4:13:51 PM
On a side note, it's best not to buy the apple if you're going after the achievements

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