Apparently I'm not allowed to voice my opinion about the story...spoilers...

#1legaiaflame2Posted 11/15/2013 1:00:31 AM
The last topic I made was removed and for what? Am I not allowed to voice my opinion? I'm not a troll; I've been a Sonic fan since the first game. I just wanted to let people know how I feel about the games story.

While I know the story is aimed for kids, I felt this was shamefully kindergarten school level. Can the age level get any lower? Sonic and all of the characters/villains have the mentality of and act like toddlers! I had to stop and tell myself, "You're a grown man you shouldn't be feeling embarrassed!"

IMO this is the most dense, cliched, childish story I have ever seen in a sonic game. Is it so hard to give him a bit of an edge, without making him unappealing? Even the age level playing this game must somewhat feel their intelligence is being insulted?

The intro and ending to Sonic CD, a 20 year old game, had more charm and personality than anything I had to shamefully sit through during this game. Now can people voice their opinions in this topic without it getting closed down by a deluded crazed sonic fan?
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You're not supposed to take the story seriously, though? And also this is the best dialogue a Sonic game has ever had.
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#3legaiaflame2(Topic Creator)Posted 11/15/2013 1:23:50 AM(edited)
If I'm not supposed to take it seriously why even bother putting a story in the game? I don't think I can read what you just wrote with a straight face...
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Well, seeing as how all the characters aren't walking talking pieces of cardboard and Sonic is a smartass sometimes. I'd say this game has some pretty good dialogue comparing it to all the past games. And it's my opinion so...yeah.
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Compared to a lot of past games, the writing is being lead into the right direction to say the least and in this game it shows. While the Deadly Six are a wonderful edition to this franchise, I really hope they don't interfere too much into newer games since this is the last the series is shoehorned characters like Shadow for example. I'm hoping for a sequel at least once more. Endgame spoilers:Even Dr. Robotnick's has said it in his own words that he will attempt to enslave the Zeti again.
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#6Lovely_DisasterPosted 11/15/2013 3:50:12 AM
From what gameplay I've seen the dialogue and character interaction looks very nice.

Oh. And it's Sonic. Sonic isn't supposed to be super mature or anything NEAR that. It is aimed at children.
#7Werndan101Posted 11/15/2013 5:39:58 AM
TheKyuubi00 posted...
And also this is the best dialogue a Sonic game has ever had.

No. "Baldy McNoseHair" for the second time? Really?

It really does a better job of proving these writers have no clue about what makes Sonic 'Sonic' than any interview ever could
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#8limkin900Posted 11/15/2013 6:07:53 AM
I wouldn't say this was that much of a kindergarten level story, at least not nearly as much as Colors was. It's actually not a bad story, some of the best writing since the early Adventures but better character interaction. The story is just very anticlimactic around the end with a few random mood swings inbetween. Not much is explained the whole journey through. The Deadly 6 get no proper introductions and even worse exits. Neither does the lost hex, it just kinda appears there.

The whole "Baldy McNosehair" thing was most likely for a bit of continuity, it really isn't that offensive considering that's like the only "corny joke" in game.
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with opinions that bad you shouldn't be allowed
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Yeah yeah we all want Sonic to have the personality of sandpaper again we think you're very smart and tough and handsome