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surprised no one is talkin about thisCRIMSON_XIII17/2 8:02PM
PC version confirmed? or gamespot typo?SpoonMan5432116/26 10:19AM
Kinda wish this wasn't exclusive (Archived)THE_JOKE_KING3315/20 2:06PM
out of the 3 playable characters..who is the main protagonist (Archived)summertimeking11/26 11:24AM
What. No HYPE for this? (Archived)reverence26112/7 2:34AM
The shouldn't be wasting time and money on live action cutscenes... (Archived)istuffedsunny111/20 12:59AM
"Xbox One-Exclusive Quantum Break Will Leave You Speechless" (Archived)Darkside_Hazuki311/16 10:48AM
Why was this game hyped? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
wolf rider1111/3 10:17PM
Reminds me of Jet Li's "The One" (Archived)Lo_Key90110/26 8:45AM
WOW! This Looks GREAT! (Archived)clevermoniker410/25 6:30PM
This game is what TimeShift should've been. (Archived)SkaFrost8918/12 8:25PM
Remedy Entertainment: how do they manage to survive? (Archived)MestreRothGF28/11 10:20PM
Quantum Break steals move from WWe. (Archived)Road_Kill_66635/31/2014
New gameplay teaser trailer!! 2015 release. (Archived)LandfillAO15/29/2014
1080p (Archived)GameGuy523/23/2014
Why aren't peopel talking about this more? (Archived)JamesOwnzMaz312/15/2013
This will get released on pc a year later than its xbox counterpart (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Remedy Entertainment, why only on Xbox? (Archived)EliParker106/22/2013
Info on storytelling by Sam Lake (Archived)SikkaSill16/21/2013
This will be tied into a live action TV show (Archived)SCREAMINGBEATSS46/13/2013
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