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So... is it possible to legally buy Halo Reach's 'Deliver Hope' song?Jamin-Xbox25/23 6:06PM
Will we see an influx of CoD players since many are outraged by BLOPS III?
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Buraddobon215/23 3:28PM
Predictions for Halo at e3thedarkknight1q105/23 10:30AM
Weapon VarietyFamine_10f425/23 2:29AM
Here's my idea of Halo 5's playlist to keep everyone happy + playlists populatedBuraddobon55/23 12:04AM
For those who played the Beta, did they add/remove any weapons?Buraddobon45/22 11:57PM
Do you think "sniper sway" adds demands more skill or just a nusance?Buraddobon65/22 11:51PM
I'm hoping Halo 5 plays like Halo 4 with refinements.
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Buraddobon195/21 7:11PM
Help with the Hunt the Truth Episodes (Spoilers)HarryBreese35/21 9:32AM
Apart from HaloCE, why has every Halo game have a disappointing ending?
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Buraddobon135/21 7:25AM
This is a good video to explain why you shouldn't predict Halo5 based on the MCCTwenty5Thousand35/20 6:44PM
If you didn't like Halo 4, and you aren't liking Halo 5, why are you still here?
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Twenty5Thousand305/19 4:29PM
Where do you think Halo stands among the best video games franchises?thedarkknight1q95/19 3:38AM
So as i was reading the halo books...saleonkennedy65/18 7:17PM
I really hope the soundtrack brings back some original melodies.
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Chief killed human politicians in peace talks with aliens.Twenty5Thousand35/17 8:10PM
What is that song during the last Hunter fight in AotCR in Halo CEA?Jamin-Xbox55/16 1:20PM
Question about the "Hunt the Truth" episodes (minor spoilers?)Demigod_Elessar45/15 12:37PM
Kudos to 343 for Halo Nightfall
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Is John Halo in this game?
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