do you use quickdraw or ready up

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3 years ago#1
im starting to believe they dont make much of a difference and are just wasting my perk slots
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User Info: ace6949

3 years ago#2
It depends. I use ready up alot because I run and gun with shotguns and the bizon hipfiring and it really helps. Quickdraw is helpful with ar's and lmg's but it def should've been a 2 slot perk.
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User Info: EdwardDarkstar

3 years ago#3
Ready up on every class no matter what. Especially close quarters classes. I sprint a lot and the quicker recovery makes my life a lot easier.

Quickdraw on sniper rifles, marksman rifles, LMGs, and slug round shotguns. I use quickdraw when I can't afford to hip fire, or on slow ADSing weapons. My logic behind not using it on buckshot shotguns, ARs, and SMGs.
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User Info: kitkatitr

3 years ago#4
quickdraw for 3 points, no spank you.
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  3. do you use quickdraw or ready up

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