Diamond Division Clan Recruiting. B.C. Mafia

#1th0mas5t0nePosted 3/27/2014 9:16:29 AM
We are a fun, easy going, real life havin' group of semi-mature guys and gals that love to game. We have cleaned up our roster and are looking for more like minded people to join our ranks.

We are currently lvl 23 and are placed in the Diamond Division for Clan Wars.

Come join us, B.C. Mafia

Reply here for an invite, or apply in the CoD app, or message me in XBL.
GT: Th0mas 5t0ne
Or: Spyke St0ne
#2Darkest_EvilPosted 4/1/2014 8:27:57 AM
british columbia mafia?
your all canadian like me?
I like the leafs though.. might be a problem
how big is your roster now?
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#3th0mas5t0ne(Topic Creator)Posted 4/1/2014 11:22:01 AM
Roster is currently at 14 with 4 pending invites out there. We are in Diamond now, lvl 24 and want to get our roster to between 20 and 25 active members and maybe an additional 5- semi active members.

B.C. Does not stand for British Columbia "Go Pens!" But if ya want to know, you'll have to ask in party chat.

We have members from Hawaii, to the states, to Spain, to the UK and Ireland. Join us and fill the great white north void in our roster.

Invite is sitting in game for ya.
#4th0mas5t0ne(Topic Creator)Posted 4/1/2014 11:26:14 AM
Anyone else want in invite, please let me know.
#5Darkest_EvilPosted 4/1/2014 8:43:31 PM
Sounds tempting though since my clan doesnt take clan wars seriously and i cant place past third in platnum division..
twitch.tv/sinmobgaming (my ghost clan streaming daily)
#6xTrophiezPosted 4/2/2014 8:27:03 PM
I'm pretty interested
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#7th0mas5t0ne(Topic Creator)Posted 4/11/2014 6:12:01 AM
Anyone else?
#8chainbradyPosted 4/17/2014 1:49:24 PM
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#9chainbradyPosted 4/17/2014 1:49:58 PM
I'm interested. My username is my GT.
#10kushahilicPosted 4/17/2014 5:09:20 PM
I'm interested. Don't judge but my gt is

Da Durrty stank