Air superiority

#1dclownprincePosted 6/19/2014 7:05:41 PM
Wow I was stuck in a sorry team on HC ctr. Like a dummy I stayed with the lobby and the other team was using a lot of helo pilots and Hinds. Do you have to call air superiority after they call in air support? Cause I swear I called it in and the hind stayed in the air while my plane just did fly bys
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#2RandomGeordiePosted 6/19/2014 11:35:39 PM
That's how I understand it to work. You called it in when the chopper appeared on the map right? I never use it so I couldn't say for sure, but whenever anyone on my team has used it it's been once the chopper has started hovering around and it's always been taken out.
#3kitkatitrPosted 6/24/2014 1:14:39 PM
If your air superiority does not cross paths with the enemies air craft it will not take them down. Most of the time it will but sometimes it will not.
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#4kingbahamut83Posted 7/7/2014 10:24:48 AM
I'm always getting in games where these idiots call that in but there is nothing in the air for it to take out. Fools must think it's like the warthog or something from BO2 and get mad when it doesn't get a kill. I always berate these people during this.
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