15 teeth in one extinction match?

#1VillimaxPosted 8/13/2014 11:37:34 PM
My friend and I just got 13 and 15 teeth in one Extinction match respectively. We were playing Exodus on Hardcore difficulty, he had one relic and I had two. We were also playing with two randoms who may have had relics. We usually get about 3-5 teeth a match. Why did we get so many teeth in one match this time?
#2RapaleemanPosted 8/14/2014 4:17:41 AM
On the official forums there was a hint to play last night.

It appears they upped the amounts of teeth and either added in new ways to earn teeth (I got 2 after completing a challenge for example) or just lowered the thresholds for the way teeth are calculated.

I typically only run one relic for the tooth but if the official forums are to be believed then also you get a tooth per relic. I hate running relics as they do nothing but hurt the team but if this is true then I'll be throwing on my big 3 (pistol only, no machines, and smaller wallet). They are easy enough that they don't affect me like some of the others do and I can still contribute to the team in terms of ammo and armor. Basically I can make mistakes and still make it out.

I'm hoping this is either here to stay or it is more than one or two days as doing a double teeth event during the work week is kind lame. If it is here to stay then the new upgrades are at least attainable now but still only the hardcore or dedicated players will have the upgrades. That is a decent balance in my opinion.
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