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Call of Duty: Future Soldier (Archived)En1glVla15/26/2013
Why are people excited about this game? (Archived)TJ_UNLIMITED105/26/2013
Ghosts will have two Suns! (Archived)SazukeEX65/26/2013
Can you kill the fish? (Archived)Mvsevm_of_Skin65/25/2013
Are you for or against death streaks? (Poll)
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Why I think this CoD will be a success. (Archived)
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Do you think there could be bonus missions featuring only the dog? (Archived)ItsKaljinyuTime35/25/2013
I like how COD was their big selling point (Archived)Kaleliskalel45/25/2013
Will this be on both the 360 as well as the One? (Archived)athomas91765/25/2013
Survival Mode (Archived)WhyNOWwhynot55/25/2013
COD hate in direct correlation with mass amount of players? (Archived)WhooKilledKenny85/24/2013
Special Edition Announced!!!! $199.99 (XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE) (Archived)SparkItUp85/24/2013
Y/N There needs to be a spinoff starring the Dog. (Archived)ButKevinBacon65/24/2013
Call of duty ghosts should be directed by Michael Bay... (Archived)known2FAIL35/24/2013
Have you found Dog? (Archived)lazycomplife25/24/2013
Tech Question about connection/Lag system (Archived)Road_Kill_66615/24/2013
Does this run on the Quake, Doom, or Wolfenstein engine? (Archived)The_Big_Deek25/24/2013
the lighting makes no sense (Archived)ethicalanalisys85/24/2013
Ghosts Engine (Archived)TheLongestDay25/24/2013
US Forces as underdogs (Archived)
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