You have lost connection to the EA servers...

#1camel4lifePosted 12/8/2013 4:54:28 PM
Is anyone else getting this error message,"You have lost connection to the ea servers. Online features will be unavailable." when trying to go to multiplayer?

#2Chuck_BosworthPosted 12/8/2013 6:32:24 PM
Make sure you are connected to Xbox Live. If you weren't and you connect, you might have to quit out of the game and re-boot.
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#3camel4life(Topic Creator)Posted 12/8/2013 6:50:11 PM
Definitely connected to Xbox, went from Netflix immediately before launching this.
#4Chuck_BosworthPosted 12/8/2013 7:09:44 PM
Do you know how your NAT settings are? These can be seen under your Network Settings on the Xbox One, you want them to be Open. They have to be modified on your computer though. If it is Strict then you should try to open the ports for Xbox Live.
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#5Datdude36Posted 12/8/2013 7:52:49 PM
Yea I have the same thing for the past 4 days. It's not the NAT settings, mine are set to open. It started after it crashed and sent me home. Hopefully someone comes and figures it out.
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#6SyphonFilterAddictPosted 12/8/2013 10:03:36 PM
Are you using your X1 without the Kinect plugged in? I notice that as soon as I attempt to resume my game, I'm automatically logged out of my Profile and in turn, the EA servers. Only way to get around this is to Quit the BF4 application and go back to into it.
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#7tDarkNinjatPosted 12/8/2013 10:05:04 PM
Been getting this problem for the fist time this weekend as well.