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Your primary weapon of choice

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1 year ago#11
For PvP I think if you've got an amazing connection and accuracy go with Hand Cannon (Since Bungie is buffing it) or the Scout Rifle, depending on the size of the map of course. If either one of those isn't amazing, go with an Assault Rifle.
The pulse rifle also was buffed, but in the Beta the kick on it was ridiculous. Have to shoot them in the nuts or the third shot goes above their head. If you could find one with a significantly tighter shot group they may be viable.
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1 year ago#12
I liked how they added a "perk" for the pulse rifle where if you missed it fired an additional shot.

Meanwhile it missed too because the shot that missed was normally the final shot that went over the enemies head, so it sent another over their head.
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1 year ago#13
I went with the Auto-Rifles for PvP and Scout Rifles for PvE!
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1 year ago#14
autorifle, unless they significantly boost the fusion rifle's stats.
1 year ago#15
Whatever gives me the most useful perks
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1 year ago#16
PvP I will be using a scout rifle. For PvE we'll have to see whatever does the most DPS.
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1 year ago#17
primary=Scout Rifle, special=shotgun, heavy=bazooka
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1 year ago#18
Scout/auto rife
Fusion Rifle (sometimes shotgun)
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1 year ago#19
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1 year ago#20
PvP- assault rifle
it's the most consistent weapon in the presence of lag, and since lag can't be accurately predicted before a match, better safe than sorry. yeah, i'll get murked by snipers and scout rifles at long range, but if i stick to cover or only defend locations, i should do alright.

PvE- scout rifle
imo, the scout rifle is the best weapon in the game, and when your PvP matches run smooth, it shows, but in PvE, you're going to have no lag(unless you're partied with a lagger) and it'll be headshots all day.
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