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friendly beta code exchange & request

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User Info: Praise_the_Sun_

2 years ago#1
Did this on the ps4 board and it worked great. Come here to request or offer extra beta codes. A few rules to keep in mind.

1)keep it friendly. Please and thank you go along way.

2) don't offer a code unless you intend to give it.

3)please keep all code exchanges in the private messages. Dont post the code openly on the page.

4) if you receive a code please edit your post to show it so you do not receive duplicates.

5) please don't repeatedly ask for a code. Post a request, wait awhile, if you feel you may have been looked over then feel free to try again. But no spamming please.

Good luck, and good hunting fellow guardians.
___"hey is that a... *smashed by boulder*

User Info: Plzstopflaming

2 years ago#2
In desperate need of a code if someone has one

User Info: Psychofaqs

2 years ago#3
GT: ReG Psycho, would appreciate a xbone beta code =)

User Info: CCrackheads

2 years ago#4
I'd appreciate a code. 360 or XB1. Pre-ordered mine through Best Buy, but never got a code. Contacted their support about it, who said "Sucks to be you, contact Bungie" (Not those exact words, but same message).

User Info: Skyzblaze

2 years ago#5
If anyone has a spare Xbox one code can you pm me please that would be awesome

User Info: Scorpid77

2 years ago#6
Anyone wants to change a PS4 beta code for a XB1 code? PM me, plz.

User Info: BuhBuhBui

2 years ago#7
I need a code as well. At work so I can't enter it in at the moment so I'm not able to get any of the codes that are being posted currently/ It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

User Info: bridog346

2 years ago#8
If anyone has a spare 360 I'll trade an X1 code for it. Full disclosure it's for my roommate who doesn't own an X1. NA region.

Edit: was just given a 360 one for free so I will pay it forward and I will give my extra code to the first PM
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User Info: grx112

2 years ago#9
I need an xbox 360 code If anyone would mind sparing plz Pm me.

User Info: deathgangs12

2 years ago#10
I need an Xbox one code if some one could give me one
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